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Program Pintxos-expert


Day 1 Friday

You will be invited to join us at the campsite on Friday. We will welcome you around 3 PM, in true CamperCulinair fashion, and we will inform you about the program of the weekend. Afterwards, the VIP bus will take you to San Sebastian for a guided tour along all the important sights of the city. You will already get the chance to enjoy some local delicacies during the tour. In the evening, many tapas restaurants open in the Casco Viejo. You will be stunned by the artwork of the little dishes. This is followed by maybe the hardest question you will face this weekend: which one of these delicious pintxos will I taste first? The Txakoli, the wine from the Basque Country region, will not be forgotten this evening. Content and satisfied, we shall return you to your RV with our VIP bus.


Day 2 Saturday

The next day will start with fresh bread delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy a calm start of the day in a beautiful environment. Our program will start at 3 PM. Dressed in style, you will be taken to an exclusive venue by the VIP bus. Before our anticipated dinner, which of course will be accompanied by delicious wines, you will enjoy a tasting of local produces hosted by a passionate specialist. Be rest assured; it will be an unforgettable evening!


Day 3 Sunday

On the morning of the third day, you will wake up to the smell of fresh bread again. At 12 PM our VIP bus will take to a location where you get the chance to see how local artisans make these little works of art. But there’s nothing more fun than actually doing it yourself! After all, lunch needs to be prepared. And when you do it once yourself, you’ll also know how to make pintxos when you’re back home. In the mean time, the sommelier will select some amazing wines for you. While still enjoying and reminiscing the past weekend we will bring you back to the RV around 4 PM.

Day 4 Monday

We will say our goodbyes and of course we won’t send you off without some local specialities to enjoy the rest of your holiday, or time back home.
Your friends and family will be amazed about what you have learned about making pintxos.

We hope to see you soon again during another trip with CamperCulinair.