Program to become a Cava-Expert - CamperCulinair
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Program Cava-expert

Day 1 Friday

You will be invited to join us at the campsite on Friday. We will welcome you around 3 PM, in true CamperCulinair fashion, and we will inform you about the program of the weekend. Afterwards, the VIP bus will take you to Tarragona for a guided tour along the sights of the city. During the tour, you will get the chance to enjoy delicious, local specialities. In the evening, we will take you to a venue with great ambiance for a lovely dinner inspired by the local cuisine.





Day 2 Saturday

The day will start with fresh bread, which will be delivered to your door. At 3 PM the program will start again. Dressed in style, you will be driven to an exclusive venue by the VIP bus. Before we head to dinner, you will get to explore a museum and take a ‘train-tour’; all based on the theme ‘Cava’. Be prepared to be surprised! Afterwards, we will take you to an exclusive, not-publicly accessible location. Here you will enjoy a special dinner with complementing wines amidst gorgeous vineyards and mountain ranges.


Day 3 Sunday


How about waking up to the smell of fresh bread? We will bring it to you so you can sleep in and wake up without a worry. Our program will commence at 12 PM. The VIP bus will take you through impressive mountain roads to a private bodega. Here you will explore the roots of a worldwide imperium. Before enjoying the most classic Spanish dish, you will get the chance to see how it is prepared. Satisfied by the lovely meal, you will return to your RV around 4 PM.

Day 4 Monday


This will also mark the end of our weekend and it will be time to say goodbye. Of course we won’t send you off without some local specialities to enjoy the rest of your holiday, or time back home. We’re already looking forward to meeting you again during one of our next CamperCulinair-trips.