Rioja in spring in Spain - CamperCulinair
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Spring in the Rioja

Duration:     4 days

Date:             TBD

Price:            € 1.290,= for 2 persons


Spring in the Rioja; one of the most important wine regions in Europe starts to bloom. The beautiful vineyards turn into a vibrant green again. The views, the colours and the smell make you long for summer.
This stunning region is not only interesting because of its wines; it also has a lot to offer culturally. This is not just limited to its ties to the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. Did you know Rioja is the most prestigious wine region of Spain? Amazing red, white and rosé wines originate from these grounds and they have the highest appellation for a reason. With all the quality wines and pintxos, you will feel like you are in paradise when visiting the capital Logroño, in Calle “Laurel”. This is the true Spain!