Sea tasting at the Costa Blanca - CamperCulinair
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The delights of the sea along the Costa

Period:      4 days

Date:         TBD

Price:        € 1.550,= for 2 persons


The name Costa Blanca (‘White Coast’) has nothing to do with the colour of the houses or the beaches. It does, however, refer to the colour of the blooming almond trees. The enjoyable climate and fertile soil allow for a lot of diverse, healthy and tasty produces to grow.
The Costa Blanca has been home to various gastronomic cultures for centuries. All these diverse produces and ingredients have developed into one of the most healthy, and delicious, cuisines of the Mediterranean. Some specialties that stand out: pickled fish, calamari, squid and chipirones. In addition, rice plays an important role in dishes from the Costa Blanca’s region; there are more than 300 ways to prepare it.
Enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine and its diverse gastronomical experience is a must when you visit the Costa Blanca region. This also applies to the various high-quality wines, amongst others the well-known dessert wine Moscatel.
The sea is full of secrets. One of them is truly spectacular; an experience with the ‘wow-factor’. Your friends will be envious when you tell them about your experience in detail. Of course you’re now curious to see what else this weekend has to offer.